Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Biarritz!!!

Last week I spent the week in Biarritz! It was a great experience and I met lots of new poeple. The weather was nearly always sunny so I came home with some major tan-lines! There was always a great atmosphere down at the beach and I was stoked to get a VIP pass.
It was also great to meet the UK Roxy surfers and Lois ( skateboarder) and we all stayed in a big typical french house...

I did some surfing and it was so much fun. On one of the days, Me , Aimee and Lesley went to a Surfboard factory and to the Roxy Eyewear office. I got some super cool sunglasses!

When the weather was bad, Me, Aimee, Lois, Michelle and Lesley went down to the main Roxy office. It was so BIG and it was great to see how everything gets done.

The last night was spent at the Roxy 20th Birthday Party. It was phenominal as you could get as much food as you want and my personal favourite was the fruit.

Here is a picture of the Uk Roxy team, Peony, Lois, Aimee, Holly, Sophie, Gaby and me...

The beach and Roxy tents...

It was great to hang out with someone my own age, Peony.

It was such a fun week and I hope I can go again!!! :)

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