Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week I went to Cornwall to camp in a tent with the family. The sun was shining and I had a great start to the week by getting an early birthday present-a Surfboard!!!

We were camping in a really warm and comfy tent. Here is a picture...

It was so cool to be able to cycle down to Constantine Bay and go surfing every day! The waves down there were sooooooooo good!!!
Me cycling to the beach!

Everyone about to go Surfing!

Me catching a wave...

We also cycled the Camel Trail which was really lovely...Then stopped off at Rick Stein's Fish and Chips....Yum Yum!!!!!


I was also lucky to spend my 14th Birthday down in Cornwall. I got some phenominal presents including....A Snorkel kit!!!

Everyone jumping...haha!!!

I had a Birthday meal at Pucelli's Italian Restaurant and I had an amazing Chocolate Birthday cake which my Dad accadently sat on when he was in the car! The Pudding Chef had to re-build it all... haahahhaa!!! Then to finish off the night, We all walked down to Mother Ivy's Bay and toasted marshmallows whilst watching the balls of lightning and shooting stars!!!

It was such a great week and I spent the last day Surfing with Jamie Nicholls, Sophie Nicholls, Mathias Weissenbacher and Rowan Coultas!!! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 comps, cycling and a Big party!!!

So the first comp I did was at Milton Keynes for the FBBB trickbusters. It was such a fun competition and the set-up was great! The night consisted of a 1 hour warm up, a one hour jam and then the final which was a 'pull the trick out of a hat' fianl! The final was great as I learnt loads of new tricks I never even considered trying!!! After an eventful night, I walked out with £200 as I came 1st overall!

The 2nd comp was on Friday at Hemel for the Whitelines Rail Jam. The set-up here was also really good and it was great to see two decent jumps. It was a two hour jam and then a 40 minute jam session final. The final was mainly on the street rail and the gaspipe. I was pretty stoked to come 1st overall, winning £50 and a free subscription to Whitelines Magazine!!! Another fun night.

I also spent the day Cycling at Lady Bower Reservoir...

Me Cycling!!!

There was also a very tame sheep...

and it seemed to like my dad!!!

Me and the Family!!!

It took about 3 hours to cycle all the way around the Reservoir; but it was so much fun!!!


This Saturday was my big cousin's Birthday party and it was soooooo much fun! Here are some pictures...

Jamie in the Red Bull DJ Jeep!!!


Jamie had built a sick mini ramp in the field...I think I need a little bit more practice at skateboarding, though!!!

It was great to see Lois again after meeting her in Biarritz and she is absalutely AMAZING on a skateboard!!! Thanks to Kat Miller for this photo!!!

There was also a Hog-Roast!!! Yum Yum!

Me and Sophie!

Me and Jamie!!!

Thanks again to Kat Miller for some of the pics and stay tuned for more blogs!!!