Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Junior World Championships and World Rookie Finals!

Last week I travelled out to Italy for the Junior World Championships in Valmalenco. It was a super fun event and the course was great!

                                          View from the top of the Gondola in Valmalenco.

I had a really good qualification day, qualifying straight to the final in 1st with a score of 93 on my second run! I was really stoked and my team mate Rowan Coultas also qualified straight to the final as well, which was really cool!

I had the best training before finals landing my run three times in a row so I was really excited for the comp runs to start. I landed my first run clean, but unfortunately not my second, but it was still good enough for 3rd place. Well done to Rowan who came 2nd in the mens event!

After a quick stop in Mayrhofen, we were on the road again to Ischgl for the World Rookie finals. The weather wasn't as good here but the course was still really fun.  I was stoked to qualify 1st into the final, but even more stoked to win it!!! Well done to Rowan who came 5th!

 It was a super fun competition and make sure to check out the final edit here:

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  1. Hey Katie! I write for a website called She Can Shred. We are huge fans and I am currently working on a feature about you. We would love to get a quote from you for it, if you would be interested email us at :) Loved your double cork 1080 video, I've watched it about 50 times! Congrats!!