Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last week I travelled out on a 10 hour plane to the US for some training! I am staying in an appartment a walk away from the Breckenridge chairlifts with Aimee, Basa, Margot, Cheryl and Lesley!The first couple of days were super warm and bluebird and even though the jet lag was kicking in, we were all loving it.


It's always nice to have some fresh air...even at night time!!!

When the weather turned sour we entertained ourselves by buying a large sheet of paper and some children's crayons for less than a dollar and then me, Basa and Aimee drew the Roxy team. I think we should all become proffessional artists 'NOT!'

The weather is bluebird and warm again, so this week is going to be great!!!

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