Monday, February 20, 2012

Roxy snow pro!

Me at the Roxy snow pro-gap jump

Last week I went out to Gerlos in Austra for the Roxy photo shoot! I flew out to Munich and was met by the German Roxy team manager, Nele. It was really lovely to meet lots of new people and see all my friends and also to stay in a ginormous chalet. We spent the last day of the photo shoot in Mayrhofen where the park was really cool! After a fun day of riding, we all went to the Roxy store and I had a moment of fame where I signed the Roxy store's wall! Stoked!

At the top of the course...

From Gerlos, we then travelled a 3 hour car journey to Saalbach-Hinterglem for my first ever Roxy snow pro! I was so excited to ride the course becasue it looked phenomenal and the jumps were the perfect size for me! The competition was so much fun and a great experience! It was great to ride with all the proffessionals in the semi finals becasue they were all amazing. I was especially happy when I heard my name being called out for the night final-I couldn't believe that I had qualified 9th.


It was really exciting to ride at night under the flood lights and overall I placed 9th. Well done to team mates Kjersti Buaas who rode great in the final and Aimee Fuller who came 3rd. It was such an awesome week and can't wait for the Burton European Open this week!

Me and Torah

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