Friday, March 9, 2012

Burton European Open

Earlier this month I returned from the prestigeous Burton European Open, Laax, Switzerland, where I was competing in the Junior section. The weather was great and the slopestyle course was even better. We all had 3 runs, my first 2 were not so good as I fell on my cab 5's - had been landing them solid all practice!!! The pressure was on for my 3rd and final run - I nailed it with cab 5, straight air nose grab, back 3 and back 5 over the kickers - this was my safe run, shame I didn't get it earlier as wanted to go for my 7's but this got me on the podium so pretty stoked with 3rd place.

The second day was Halfpipe, not really my preferred discipline as I dont get to train in the pipe but thought I'd have a go just for fun. The weather was awful that day but managed to pull out some back to back 3's and 5's which was enough to get me on the podium for the 2nd time in 2nd place - even more stoked!

Me in Halfpipe!

Slopestyle podium winners Chloe my Roxy team mate on the left, Miyabi centre and me on the right.

Back at school now doing some GCSE work - Friday I'm heading off to the mountains again for the British Championships in Laax again. Can't wait for this trip as my Mum, Dad and little brother are all coming with me.

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