Monday, July 16, 2012

Corvatsch and Scotland Training camp!!!

In May I travelled out to Corvatsch in Austria with the GB snowboard team for some private Air Bag training. It was really cool as we had the whole mountain to ourselves and a phenomenal air bag with a twin kicker set up which was really cool as we could learn new tricks on the airbag and then perfect them on the real jump.

We were also very lucky with the weather as it was always very sunny which made the run-ins really soft, and after a great days riding, it was great to cool down with some yoga and a walk to the lake.
The View from the top of the mountain!!! Here is a link to The British Freestyle Snowboard Team training camp video.

I also travelled up to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago for another GB training sesh. It was extremely fun as we went to an amazing skate park where I learnt to skate! We also went to a little gym club to do some Gymnastics and I had the chance to experience wakeboarding at Foxlake Adventures which I loved and I crazily attempted a backflip off a jump-It was so much fun!The nights were spent down in Glasgow for some rail shredding and the set-up which included an amazing canon, was great as we managed to get hundreds of repetitions in and loads of new tricks learnt.

Overall, I had an amazing couple of months winning Cheerleading competitions,training with The British Freestyle Snowboard Team, going to the Fivers for Tranneys comp at Castleford which was really fun. I have also been training at Gymnastics and Rokt Climbing gym, where I have just placed 1st in the round 1 of the Rokt Masters competition! My next trip will be New Zealand in August-can't wait!!! Also, massive thanks to Roxy for all their support!!!

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