Thursday, September 27, 2012


Mid August I headed out to New Zealand with the GB Freestyle Snowboard Team and Roxy.  It was a long flight, changing at Singapore and Sydney - was great to get a sneak peak at those places too!
Me at Shangi Airport Cactus Garden
After nearly 30 hours of travelling to the other side of the world, I was pretty jet lagged; but it was well worth it! The scenery was phenomenal and SnowParknz was amazing! The park was so much fun as it involved a pro line, a medium line, a pipe and a very cool jib line. I was so stoked as I learnt loads of new tricks and gained loads of new experiences. Despite doing tonnes of Snowboarding, I also enjoyed doing a hard core morning workout before having a fun shred up the mountain and then to finish the day off by hsving a Yoga session lead by Lesley.

I was also very lucky as it was my 15th Birthday out in NZ and for one of my presents The GB Team treated me to the Nevis Bungy Jump. Myself, Jenny, Aimee and Rowan went down to Queenstown to do some Bungy Jumping and it was soooo much fun-especially as everyone sung happy birthday to me just as I was about to jump! I never thought I would be throwing myself off a 134m platform on my 15th Birthday!
Jumping off a 134m platform in Queenstown
I also had the opportunity to take part in the Roxy Photo shoot which was really cool as I got to model some really nice clothes-Just loved being part of the Roxy Team! Here is a link to my page on the Roxy website:
Overall, I had the most amazing time in NZ! Loved being with the GB Freestyle Snowboard Team and Roxy, I learnt so much in my five weeks out there and really enjoyed being on snow again!
I think there were more Sheep than people in NZ!
Lake Wanaka!
Flying Upside down!
Once I had returned home, I was informed that I had won all 3 rounds of the Rokt Masters Rock Climbing competition; but as I was in NZ when the final was on, I placed 2nd; but still recieved a 6 month free climbing pass!Stoked! Now I'm just in the middle of school work and final year of exams; but super excited to go to Hintertux next month! :)
Also, here is a link to my GB Freestyle Snowboard Athlete page


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