Friday, February 15, 2013

Travel, Snowboarding and comps!

Yesterday I arrived back at home after an amazing couple of weeks in Europe. However, Before venturing out to the Burton European Open, I travelled out to the US for some training and then the first world cup Olympic qualifier in Copper mountain. This event was amazingly perfect in practice; but unfortunately when the competion day came around,the weather was not too kind and the riding conditions were tough. Although this may have not been the best experience ever, it made me even hungrier for the world championships which were to be held a few days after in Quebec, Canada.

View from my window in Canada!

Once settled in Canada, I made my way to the Slopestyle course and found that it was HUGE! Although this scared me a little at first, I took it as a challenge and gave it my best shot in practice. Again, just like the world cup in Copper, the weather was not that good on the competition day and having to ride in strong winds and -40C was not all that fun.However, postponing the contest till the next day must have been the best idea ever as my runs went really well and I finished in 10th place! I was stoked!

Then I went to Switzerland for the Burton European Open and despite the women's contest being postponed day after day after day, I still had a blast riding the powder with friends and shredding around the mountain. Eventually, it was announced that unfortunately the competition had to be cancelled due to strong winds, snow and flatlight-Gutted!
After hearing the news that Sochi had been cancelled, I took a train over to Mayrhofen in Austria to ride the park and have some good weather for a change.

Now I'm at home catching up on school work; but next stop is Czech Republic and then to Spain! Can't wait!

Copper mountain!

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